Main Goals

1. Exploit through AI

To create and exploit – through computer and @I techniques – an official Economic Data Base – at a regional level in Spain, firstly – in order to facilitate access, visualization, exploitation and discovery of new patterns of economic and social behavior.

2. User experience

To develop a friendly and appropriate graphic design for each type of variable using the most advanced programming techniques.

3. Reproducibility

To elaborate the simple protocol followed for obtaining each variable from its original official source, with the objective that anyone can replicate the work and be able to both update the data and detect possible errors with ease.

4. Apply knowledge

To exploit these economic data with the most advanced computational techniques, artificial intelligence or other type for various purposes and areas of knowledge -for example, economy, business plans, public policies, statistics, programming, graphic design and data visualization, etc. .

5. Accessibility

To contribute to the best, most accurate and accessible information for interested people, especially through the dissemination and use of this new database at the service of the mass media.